How to text a girl you like

Becoming skilled at always knowing how to text a girl you like. One of the most important things to keep in mind when interested in learning this skill is that it is a skill that can be learned. Some people are naturally good with women and as most of us know many guys have a lot of trouble getting the girls they are interested in. Natural or not you will find your game improving by exploring this skill. So today is your day if you are ready to begin learning how to text a girl you like.
As with any skills, before we get into the complicated stuff we start with the basics. The do’s and don’ts of how to text a girl you like. It can be easy to just think of what it is your should do that works as opposed to what you could do differently to improve your results. When trying to build attraction through text, as you may have noticed, sending one or even just a few attraction stopping texts can ruin your chance with that cute girl you are interested in. So not only do we want to look at what you can do, we also want to go over and eliminate our common texting mistakes.

how to text a girl you like – don’ts

Don’t seek her approval. Now I know guys who have confidence out the wazoo when they are hanging out with friends because you almost always know your good friends like you. Then they get into a relationship or even just meet a cute girl they like and they just can’t help but wonder, “does she like me?” We have all probably thought this at one time or another and many of it deal with this by asking her. It is honest and direct, it is and at times really can be a sign of confidence, but you can do one better. By developing your skills with attraction as well as both learning how to read and expect to read the subtle signs that show she is into you. These are commonly known as IOI’s or indicators of interest. Some of these include: playing with her hair, matching your body language, laughing at your jokes, being playful in the interaction, teasing you, touching you, pointing her feet or knee or general body in your direction. Now you can probably remember a time when you’ve seen a girl give you some of these signals. Maybe you even thought “does she like me?” when you noticed those signals but you didn’t know for sure. A good rule to go by is once you notice 3 IOI’s you know it’s on. You’ve done a good job and have established attraction!
So now you know don’t seek her approval, she’s telling you every time.
While there are other common texting mistakes you can make we aren’t going to cover them all here. This was just a taste at the many other secrets left to share. Now what about the do’s? How can you always know how to text a girl you like?

How to text a girl you like – Do’s

Make her happy. Anytime you notice a girl show you an indicator of interest when you are interacting try to pay attention to what you had just been doing and possibly how your entire interaction went before that too. Girls, and really everyone, enjoys good humor. Try out different forms of humor to see what styles suit you best. Observational humor is great since you can’t always be sure where you will be or what’s going on it can really help to come up with some quick wit. One time while out dancing at a club, a cute girl and I had created a positive connection. She takes a break from dancing to tell me it’s getting hot. So I take her by the hand and tell her I wanted to show her something cool. I literally took her to this fan on the other side of the club that I had seen earlier. This clever move gave us a chance to get a drink together, cool off a bit, as well as create the illusion of knowing each other longer by having changed the setting slightly. Not only do you want to know how to text her but also what to text a girl you like.
In order to always know how to text a girl you like these are two great places to start. Try paying attention to these points in your interactions and see how it helps improve your game.
Thanks for reading my post about how to text a girl you like.
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