What to Text Girls

Trying to figure out what to text a girl you like? You meet a cute girl and have a great interaction. You ask her for her number and she happily gives it to you. In the next couple of days you end up texting her and she never responds. What happened? Where did all that attraction go that you felt when you first met? It is very common for guys to text a girl for the first time and never get a response back. In this post we are going to talk about what to text girls to get them to respond and how to take it to the next level.

You may be wondering how to get her to text back. It is no fun when you get her number then she doesn’t text back or even just bails on you. This is why it is useful to learn about the concept of high emotional value. After learning how to get her to text back we will look at texts that you can send to get her in the mood. First get her to respond then turn up the heat.

High emotional value. Another name for emotional value is response value. By sending texts with high response value she will be more likely to reply to your texts. What exactly does this mean? You can probably imagine how boring it can be for a girl to always get the text “hey, what’s up?” This is a pretty simple text that guys send when they don’t know how to stand out and don’t know what to say. That text has a low emotional value since she probably won’t want to respond to this if she isn’t already attracted to you. So how can we come up with a text with high response value? A great way to send a text with a lot of response value is to pique her curiosity in an interesting way. An example of this might be a text like “you would not believe what just happened on the bus ride to school.” This text is not only different from what most guys might send; she will also start to wonder what actually happened. She might send back a guess, she might just ask. If she doesn’t even like you all that much her curiosity might be just enough to get her to respond. If that works you’ve now got your foot in the door. High emotional value is important for always knowing how to text a girl you like. You might like trying something like this out since it can be way more fun than the boring old small talk people often have.

How to dirty talk to a girl over text. When coming up with dirty text messages to send a girl you like you have to be careful not to come off as gross pervert. Being too direct can make her feel uncomfortable and turn her off of you. A great way to get her in the mood through text is to use sexual innuendos. Sexual innuendos are when you talk about something normally which could be indirectly taken in a sexual manner. If you’ve told her you are a woodworker then a good example of a sexual innuendo could be “I’ve got more wood than you can handle.” This text is both true and vaguely sexual. If she responds by saying you have a dirty mind or that you are inappropriate you can tease her back for having a dirty mind or being inappropriate since a woodworker probably would have a lot of wood. This is great for making playful banter, getting her in the mood, and avoiding seeming like a creeper. When you are trying to come up with dirty texts to send a girl turn up the heat with sexual innuendos.

Now you know what to text girls to help improve your results in your dating life. When she flakes on you or doesn’t respond at all try sending texts with high emotional value. Once you get your foot in the door you can spice things up with sexual innuendos. Knowing what to text a girl you like will help keep you on her mind while building a powerful attraction.

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